Music in the Courtyard features 22 outdoor concerts from July 30 to September 5 at the Firehall Arts Centre

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      The Firehall Arts Centre and the Vancouver Independent Music Centre will present 22 outdoor concerts via the Music in the Courtyard series this summer.

      “It is fabulous to be welcoming people back to live music performances," says Firehall artistic producer Donna Spencer in a press release, "and with such an amazing range of musical talent. I think this series is fast becoming a must-hear event in the Vancouver summer season!”

      The lineup is as follows:

           * M’Girl (percussive hand-drum songs) July 30, 7 pm.

           * Haram (Arabic avant-garde ensemble) July 31, 7 pm.

           * Gentle Party (lush soundscapes and harmonies) August 1, 7 pm.

           * Small Town Artillery (rock 'n' roll band with a horn section, with guest opener Aza Nabuko) August 4-5, 7 pm.

           * Microcosmos Quartet (string quartet performs masterworks by Franz Schubert and Thomas Adès) August 6, 7 pm.

           * The C.R. Avery Orchestra (presented with the Vancouver Folk Music Festival) August 7, 7 pm.

           * Only a Visitor (vocal-driven art-pop/indie) August 8. 3 pm.

           * Emily Molloy (soul, blues, and rock and roll) August 12, 7 pm.

           * Murray Porter (soulful blues piano man from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory) August 13, 7 pm.

           * Mohamed Assani Trio (sitar music from latest album Wayfinder) August 14, 7 pm.

           * Tonye Aganaba (uplifting funk and soul) August 15, 3 pm.

           * Ad Mare (woodwind quintet, with guest artist Julia Nolan) August 20, 7 pm.

           * The History of Gunpowder (blues-inspired orchestrated chaos with an experimental tendency) August 21, 7 pm.

           * Rumba Calzada (mix of salsa, jazz, and Afro-Cuban rhythms) August 22, 3 pm.

           * Ophelia Falling (symphonic metal) August 25, 7 pm.

           * Quatuor André Lachance (music shaped by jazz and informed by pop, prog rock, and improvised ambient electronic textures) August 27, 7 pm.

           * Electronica Night (an evening of progressive electronica with three local performers) August 28, 7 pm.

           * Brad Turner Quartet (Vancouver quartet of keen, intuitive, and skilled masters of jazz) August 29, 3 pm.

           * Made in Canada (an agricultural song cycle) September 2, 7 pm.

           * Alvaro Rojas’ Gran Kasa (a 70s prog band, a salsa band, and a string quartet take a road trip together) September 3, 7 pm.

           * Handmade Blade (improvisations and compositions from three musicians with a huge sonic palette) September 4, 7 pm.

           * Alpha Yaya Diallo (Guinean-born singer and guitarist) September 5, 3 pm.

      Tickets range from $20 to $40 and you can find them here.