Music on Main announces its 16th annual concert series

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      Music on Main has announced the first shows of its 16th annual concert series.

      “For the past 18 months, Music on Main has been creating responsive pandemic programming to keep musicians and audiences connected,” says artistic director David Pay in a press release. “Great performances and intimate artistic insights help people feel connected to each other, and to their own thoughts and ideas.

      "As Music on Main prepares for a new season of concerts, conversations, and inventive digital experiences," he adds, "we’re digging deep to create new connections through music.”

      First up in the schedule are Music on Main’s weekly digital releases, with online performances by the likes of Infamy Too!, Julia Ulehla, Aram Bajakian, and Saina Khaledi being streamed every Tuesday from September 14 to November 2.

      Then from November 4 to 10 the 10th Modulus Festival will take place, highlights of which include flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor premiering Keiko Devaux’s “Hōrai”, along with music by Alfredo Santa Ana, James O’Callaghan, and Nicole Lizée.

      The festival also includes the one artist/one audience-member performance of As dreams are made from November 5 to 10, featuring musicians from The Tempest Project Company, which includes vocalist Julia Ulehla, flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor, guitarist Aram Bajakian, zheng player Dailin Hsieh, santour player Saina Khaledi, percussionist Julia Chien, cellist Rebecca Wenham, and pianist Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa.

      And December 15 and 16 will see the annual tradition of inspiring, seasonal music with Music for the Winter Solstice.

      For more info on these and other upcoming events, visit the Music on Main website here.