The Parade of Lost Souls goes interactive this Halloween

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      With Halloween night fast approaching, there's a lot of uncertainty about how it will pan out in 2020.

      People have questions. Like, how many trick-or-treaters can I expect this year? Will there even be trick-or-treating? Will I have to eat all the Kit Kats and Coffee Crisps myself?

      One thing Vancouverites can be sure of, at least, is that the Parade of Lost Souls is still happening. The time-honoured Commercial Drive Halloween tradition, put on by local artist-run non-profit the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Society, will endure.

      It will just look a lot different this time around.

      “This year we will not gather in one place, but we will gather in every place,”  says Dusty Flowerpot artistic executive-director Kat Single-Dain. “We invite you all to celebrate within your ‘bubble’ of families, friends, and community. We invite you to a program of activities that you will do on your own front yard or balcony, outside, where we can all be together…from a distance. Look to your neighbours on the left. Look to your right! We may need to isolate, but we do not need to be isolated. Now is the perfect time to become a community.”

      The stay-at-home event--broadcast live on Co-op Radio--kicks off at 6:30 p.m., with a radio dance party at 7, games, storytelling, and singalong at 7:20, a dance break at 8, and closing ceremony and circle at 8:20. Participants are encouraged to wear costumes in keeping with this year's theme: The Wild Side.

      "Every minute of our Lost Souls programming will be led by radio broadcast and podcast, and all of it is fully interactive,” notes Single-Dain. “It is meant to be enacted with your crew, and ideally within sight of your neighbors. If you happen to live in East Vancouver, a 'surprise' may pass you by during the program."

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