The Polygon Gallery presents Response: Our Land Narrative March 10 to 21 and April 7 to 17

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      Polygon Gallery presents the culmination of a multi-year collaboration between the gallery and First Nations Student Services and the Indigenous Digital Filmmaking Program at Capilano University.

      "Participants engaged in a series of workshops led by Indigenous artists and Knowledge Keepers during Fall 2020," reads the exhibition info. "Inspired by the image of spreading branches and root systems, participants were invited to think carefully about and interpret where we are located, and how these places fundamentally shape our ways of knowing and who we are."

      The exhibition Response: Our Land Narrative will showcase the resulting work via two presentations, the first featuring installations (March 10 to 21) and the second video (April 7 to 17).

      Participating artists in March include Olivia Marie Golosky, Esteban Pérez, Aaron Dominic Oronhiawente Rice, and Amy Romer. The April exhibition will feature artists Colton Cardinal, Nathan Chizen-Velasco, Lia Rosemary Skiljaadee Hart, Liam McAlduff, Natasha Nystrom, Ash Simpson, Veronica Trujillo, and Sarah Danruo Wang 王丹若.

      For more info on Response: Our Land Narrative look here.