TAIWANfest 2020: SKY Installation of eight massive lanterns delayed in downtown Vancouver

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      One of the highest-profile aspects of TAIWANfest in Vancouver will be on display at šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl'e7énḵ Square (a.k.a. the north plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery).

      It just won't happen today to coincide with the launch of the annual celebration of Taiwanese identity.

      Curated by Jessica Sung, the SKY Installation is intended to encourage local residents to look beyond our differences by removing the influence of colour.

      Each lantern will feature a gorgeous image of the sky taken by photographers in Canada and Taiwan.

      Their images are available on the TAIWANfest website.

      Due to a delay, this won't be possible to complete the physical installion of the project until Tuesday (September 8) at the earliest.

      Canadian photographer Sara Boychuk created this image, entitled Pause.

      "Your experience and view of the sky will be different depending on the time of day," the TAIWANfest website states. "These lanterns will create a whole new dynamic look and feel through the use of LED lights in the evenings."

      However, on the website, photographers can also upload their own photos for an opportunity to be featured in the Under the Same Sky Project.

      Because of the pandemic, most of TAIWANfest is taking place virtually this year, starting September 5 and running through this month. To see various artists' talks, an online gallery, and various other presentations, visit VancouverTAIWANfest.ca.

      Taiwanese photographer Hsien-Ling Yin took this image of the sky, entitled With the Passage of Time.
      Many of this year’s TAIWANfest events take place from Saturday to Monday (September 5 to 7), but other presentations will continue to September 27 on the TAIWANfest Facebook and YouTube channels. For more information, visit VancouverTAIWANfest.ca.