The Arts Club presents Redbone Coonhound October 6 to 30

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      The Arts Club Theatre Company has just announced that it wil present the rolling world premiere of Redbone Coonhound next month.

      The hard-hitting comedy by Amy Lee Lavoie and Omari Newton--a commentary on race, gender, and oppression--will be performed at the Newmont Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre from October 6 to 30.

      The play is a 2022 Arts Club Silver Commission, originally adapted into an audio play for the 2021–2022 Listen to This series.

      Playwrights Amy Lee Lavoie and Omari Newton.

      "The play explores issues of race, gender, and class in ways that are equal parts humorous and merciless," says Newton--who co-directed with Arts Club artistic director Ashlie Corcoran--in a news release. "Our hope is that the work makes people examine their deeply held beliefs.

      "The play invites us all to look at language and cultural norms," he continues, "and to laugh with each other about our own self-righteousness. It is my belief that in these increasingly absurd times, humour is a much-needed catalyst for empathy.”

      “When I originally sat down with both Amy Lee and Omari to hear about Redbone Coonhound," adds Corcoran, " I was blown away by their commitment to the ideas behind this work—ideas that show up in the content of the piece as much as they show up in the form.

      Arts Club Theatre Company artistic director Ashlie Corcoran.

      "This kind of theatre—where a play’s form does as much dramaturgical work as its content—is my favourite kind of art!”

      Tickets for Redbone Coonhound start at $25, and you can find them here.