United Players present online performances of Helen Eastman's She Sells Sea Shells starting January 22

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      United Players of Vancouver will present online performances of Mary Eastman's working-class drama She Sells Sea Shells.

      The play, which stars Krista Skwarok as pioneering paleontologist Mary Anning, is directed by Sarah Rodgers.

      "Here’s a working class lass," reads the event description, "wandering the Dorset shore in southern England, looking, looking. Meet the world’s youngest paleontologist. At 12 she discovers the first ichthyosaur. By 30 her discoveries have transformed our understanding of the universe. Her findings are celebrated amongst the most august in her field… but not her.

      "Almost a century will pass before The Royal Society even allows women to attend their meetings. Apart from a tonguetwister, she is written out of history... almost! Here she is, Mary Anning, rising:  strong, sharp, and determined."

      She Sells Sea Shells runs from January 22 to February 14, with shows streamed Thursday to Saturday at 8 pm and matinees Sunday at 2 pm. (It is hoped, should restrictions be lifted, to run in-house in February.)

      Tickets for the one-hour performance are priced at $30 and $26 and you can find them here.