Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Like Father, Like Son? Sorry. is a fun trip down the rabbit hole of free association

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      You know that you’ve really enjoyed a comic when you’re still laughing at his material the next morning. In Chris Gibbs's standup routine, which is mostly about parenthood, he imagines explaining to his son Beckett how he got his name: “Well, Mommy and Daddy were pretentious.” And somehow or other, Gibbs gets into a riff on his own funeral, for which he has requested a German-Scottish preacher—just wait for the accent—and a recording of his own voice coming from the coffin, begging the mourners to let him out. Gibbs jumps down the rabbit hole of free association. If you jump with him, you get the delight of free fall, plus a bonus: Gibbs's unabashed love for his child.

      At the Waterfront Theatre on September 10 (10:10 p.m.), 11 (1:35 p.m.), 13 (9:35 p.m.), 16 (5 p.m.), and 17 (3:55 p.m.)



      Erin Traut

      Sep 11, 2011 at 12:24pm

      I saw the extended late night edition and liked it, though it identified that manic stand-up that invests many other Fringe shows. Breakneck dialog does hook audience at the start, but some breathing room should be slotted. Gibbs repeated that 10 PM in Vancouver, his show time, is like 2 AM in other places. When we got out at 11:30, his quip had turned true. Oh, that was his usual running time ?