Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Peter 'N' Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel is skilled fun

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      Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson are just a couple of guys having fun—very, very skilled fun. In their latest offering, these local artists send up the conventions of horror movies, theatrical storytelling, and straight male friendships. On a car trip to an undefined location, their characters, Peter and Chris, have a car accident and approach a spooky motel. “Oh, Peter, I don’t have a good feeling about this,” Chris says. “I mean, listen to the ambient music for one thing.” When one of the secondary characters played by Wilson launches into his backstory, Chris mumbles, “Oh, it’s a monologue. Oh, okay” and steps into the shadows. And when the two hapless travellers find out that they have to sleep in the same narrow bed, the fun starts in earnest. And it’s not homophobic. There are just a bunch of great jokes about how straight guys find it gross when other guys breathe into their mouths.

      At Carousel Theatre on September 8 (10:45 p.m.), 9 (9:45 p.m.), 10 (8:45 p.m.), 11 (4 p.m.), 12 (8 p.m.), 13 (6 p.m.), 14 (10:45 p.m.), 16 (5 p.m.), 17 (1 p.m.), and 18 (6:45 p.m.)