Vancouver International Wine Festival names Bard on the Beach as new charitable beneficiary

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      The Vancouver International Wine Festival has just announced it will pour its charitable profits into Bard on the Beach Theatre Society.

      Over 34 years, the event raised a total of $7.8 million for the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company, before it collapsed in the spring of 2012.

      “The choice of a new charity to support was an important decision for the Wine Festival and we engaged in a consultative process with our major stakeholders and representatives of our more than 350 volunteers,” festival board chair Randy Kaardal said in a press statement. “Bard on the Beach had a long association with the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company, it is an important cultural event in the city and the festive atmosphere it engenders makes it a great charitable partner.” Kaardal was referring to the fact that Bard on the Beach often rented rehearsal halls, props, and costumes from the Playhouse.

      Bard on the Beach has been enjoying growth recently, with an expansion of seats at its new main-stage tent and a record-breaking season

      The move follows an announcement in March, right after the Playhouse's demise, that the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival was changing its name and dropping the reference to the defunct theatre company.

      The next wine festival is scheduled to take place February 25 to March 3, 2013.