Vivek Shraya joins Vancouver Writers Fest for local stop on her virtual book tour

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      By nature, readers and writers are used to a certain level of isolation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t miss gathering and communal support as much as anyone else does in these strange times.

      Luckily, the books community is also highly resourceful, and has moved online to continue the kind of dialogue that writing both inspires and feeds from.

      Take tonight (April 15), for example: live at 7 p.m. on the Vancouver Writers Fest’s Facebook page, author, artist, and activist Vivek Shraya makes a local stop on a virtual tour for her latest book, The Subtweet, a novel (appropriately enough) about a collision between art and the Internet.

      Expect more than a digital version of sedate lit event: Shraya is also an experienced musician, and will be performing “music from the book’s soundtrack” when she's not reading from The Subtweet or taking your questions.