World premiere of “The African Dream” rounds out Scotiabank Dance Centre’s annual open house

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      Dance is ingrained in human nature. Across cultures, our ancient ancestors danced for community, for rain, for celebration, for grief. Rhythmic movement to music belongs in our bones—yes, even yours, person reading this who just snorted and muttered something disparaging about having no groove. Dance is for you! 

      That’s the message behind Scotiabank Dance Centre’s annual open house. From 2pm to 5pm on September 16, a whole range of dance styles are hosting free workshops, classes, studio showings, and events at the city’s motion arts hub. Flamenco Rosario, TomoeArts, Voirelia Dance Hub, Anderson Performance Clinic, and the Vancouver Ballet Society are among the groups participating in the once-a-year celebration.

      “Our annual open house is an opportunity to celebrate a wonderful building, which has become a home for dance of all kinds, and also to experience the excitement and diversity of Vancouver’s dance scene,” said Mirna Zagar, executive director of The Dance Centre (the org behind the building’s development), in a press release. 

      While a full breakdown of events is still upcoming, the day will wrap up with the world premiere of The African Dream—perfect if you’re more of a spectator than a move-and-shaker. Choreographed by Afrobeats Van founder Isaac Gasangwa, who was born in Rwanda, the 10-person performance follows the story of a man growing up in the shadow of the Rwandan genocide. It blends African dance, martial arts, and hip hop into a moving tribute to Black joy and power.

      Put on your dancing shoes, and find out more about Scotiabank Dance Centre’s open house here

      The African Dream  

      When: September 16, 8pm

      Where: Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street, Vancouver

      Admission: $28, available here