You Nearly Missed: Historical burlesque romp “History Uncovered 2: A Lewd Leap Through Time”

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      They say history is written by the victors, but in the case of History Uncovered 2: A Lewd Leap Through Time, history is—in fact—performed by the peelers.

      Through “the art of tease,” history is re-imagined in burlesque and drag performances in a leap day event at the Red Room tomorrow (February 29).

      Produced by burlesque performer Halena Lou, hosted by Sparkle Plenty, and featuring performers such as Amnesia Haze, Angora Phobia, Ariel Helvetica, Batty Banks, and Roxy Reverie—just to name a few—the show will feature everything from comedic re-enactments of legendary battles, to tributes to iconic figures in burlesque history. It's headlined by Ariel Helvetica, assistant director of Vancouver Burlesque Company, who combines classical dance training with showgirl flare.

      On the docket are stories about the Trojan war; a performance about Vancouver’s historic Hogan’s Alley cabarets; and explorations of “morality laws” of years past.

      “This show is a chance for us to re-tell stories from our history, casting ourselves as the main characters and writing new endings,” says Lou in a release. “Producing this show has been a labour of love, as a way for us all to learn more about our community while having a campy, rowdy good time.”

      This year’s show follows last year's first edition of History Uncovered, which had a sold-out run.

      In honour of leap year, anyone with a leap year birthday can attend for free. For the rest of us, that’ll be $25 and up—and well worth it, too.

      History Uncovered 2: A Lewd Leap Through Time

      When: February 29, 7:30pm

      Where: The Red Room, 398 Richards Street, Vancouver

      Tickets: $25 and up, available on Eventbrite