East Van Garbage Watch: We need to talk about Kingsway

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      East Vancouver smells like shit.

      Between West Coast Reduction's rendering plant on North Commercial, the vomit and urine streaking the sidewalks and alleyways after special events, and the epic piles of garbage, it's hard to argue that the east side of town smells like anything other than rancid death.

      To wit, I present the lastest installment of East Van Garbage Watch (patent pending): a semi-regular series of photos of disgustingness.

      Today's offender: We need to talk about Kingsway.

      Not content to be a quick route into Burnaby, this diagonal divider is the home to a metric buttload of garbage.

      As Twitter user documents in the photos below, Kingsway is kind of a hot, trashed mess.

      It harbours much trash, so smelly, in its fair alleys.

      "Here's one for Garbage Watch: laneway just north of Kingsway, west of Knight."
      "Behind 3731 Knight (Kingsway laneway side)."

      Furniture, naturally, goes on the median, where it can be beautified with spray paint.

      Medians: where couches go to die.
      Pro-tip: Abandoned couches can be repurposed as canvases.
      "Furniture dumped in middle of road. On median strip at 1247 Kingsway."

      Bonus pic: As  points out, garbage is hardly confined to the east side of town. Here's Cambie Street, visited by some clothing fairies.

      "Litter also issue in South Cambie, pile of clothes left in laneway (beside 912 W 23rd Ave)."

      (Thanks for the pics!)

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      Have an East Van garbage photo you want to share? Tweet it to me at @charenton_ with the photo's location, date it was taken, and any other observations you may have.



      Darwin Brando

      Nov 12, 2014 at 3:09am

      I am of the opinion that all this abandon garbage is not so much a comment on the garbage dumper as it is on the city of Vancouver's lack of sufficient garbage pick up service. They only pick up garbage every two weeks now. They do not have a service for garbage furniture. The City expects one to deliver it to the dump and to pay a fee for it's disposal. Well low income folks often do not have vehicles for delivering their trash to the dump not the disposable income to pay an additional fee on top of their city taxes to the city. And before you start blaming 'renters' their city taxes are incorporated into their exorbitant rents. The garbage in the streets and alleys is more a reflection on the city failing to provide adequate services for their exorbitant taxes. Greenest city indeed!


      Sep 7, 2015 at 3:38am

      Are there volunteer garbage collection groups? Community groups maybe?