Project Censored exposes top 25 most censored news stories of 2013-2014

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      Every year, Project Censored performs a valuable public service by researching and compiling a list of the most censored and under-reported news stories in the United States.

      Started at Sonoma State University in 1976 and carried on by the Media Freedom Foundation since 2000, the project involves professors and students and journalists.

      "During this year’s cycle, Project Censored reviewed 237 Validated Independent News stories (VINs) representing the collective efforts of 260 college students and 49 professors from 18 college and university campuses that participate in our affiliate program," the project website states.

      Here's Project Censored's list of the top 25 most censored news stories of 2013-2014:

      1. Ocean Acidification Increasing at Unprecedented Rate

      2. Top Ten US Aid Recipients All Practice Torture

      3. WikiLeaks Revelations on Trans-Pacific Partnership Ignored by Corporate Media

      4. Corporate Internet Providers Threaten Net Neutrality

      5. Bankers Back on Wall Street Despite Major Crimes

      6. The Deep State: Government “without Reference to the Consent of the Governed”

      7. FBI Dismisses Murder Plot against Occupy Leaders as NSA and Big Business Cracks Down on Dissent

      8. Corporate News Ignores Connections Between Extreme Weather and Global Warming

      9. US Media Hypocrisy in Covering Ukraine Crisis

      10. World Health Organization Suppresses Report on Iraqi Cancers and Birth Defects

      11. Wealthy Donors and Corporations Set Think Tanks’ Agendas

      12. Pentagon Awash in Money Despite Serious Audit Problems

      13. Lawsuit Challenges Nuclear Power Industry Immunity from Liability in Nuclear Accidents

      14. Accumulating Evidence of Ongoing Wireless Technology Health Hazards

      15. Reporting Miscarriages, Criminalizing Pregnant Women’s Bodies

      16. The Beef Industry’s “Feedlot Feedback Loop”

      17. 2016 Will Find Gaza out of Drinking Water

      18. National Database of Police Killings Aims for Accountability

      19. Agribusiness Giants Attempt to Silence and Discredit Scientists Whose Research Reveals Herbicides’ Health Threats

      20. Estonia a Global Example of E-Government, Digital Freedom, Privacy, and Security

      21. Questioning the Charter School Hype

      22. Corporate News Media Understate Rape, Sexual Violence

      23. Number of US Prison Inmates Serving Life Sentences Hits New Record

      24. Restorative Justice Turns Violent Schools Around

      25. “Chaptered Out”: US Military Seeks to Balance Budget on Backs of Disabled Veterans

      You can read more about each of these stories on the Project Censored website.

      The San Francisco Bay Guardian also ran an in-depth feature on this year's list.



      iowa pam

      Oct 4, 2014 at 6:08am

      I think they missed my top 10:

      1) The lie that is Ukraine

      2) ISIS is a CIA created enemy; still funded and weaponized with our tax dollars

      3) Obama/Clinton "Birds of a Feather Lie Together, 4 Americans Die Together"

      4) By personal invitation of the US 'President', "all illegal aliens and terrorists: I'll meet you at the border-Come On In! Free schooling, free food, free healthcare, free housing! Just vote Democrat the rest of your lives..."

      5) The Big Hoax: Sandy Hook; per the FBI, no one died in Sandy Hook "Massacre", but city officials all got NEW HOMES-delivered on Christmas Day, no less!(look it up)

      6) Obama targets liberty minded Americans using the IRS

      7) "Sure, I'll trade 5 major terrorists for one US traitor"

      8) Just how much money can the First Family piss away on 'vacations' before the 2nd term ends??

      9) Foreign policy? Here's my jihadist foreign policy...

      10) Plane blown out of the air over Ukraine; US is 100% responsible.

      and bonus...

      11) You ain't heavy, you're my muslim brotherhood.

      ...and that's the short list.

      400 ppm

      Oct 4, 2014 at 8:45am

      26. Georgia Straight refusing to talk about capitalism.

      Martin Dunphy

      Oct 4, 2014 at 12:43pm

      Iowa "Pam":

      Did your Liberty bus blow a tire on the way back up to Alaska?

      And then there's

      Oct 4, 2014 at 4:08pm

      FUKUSHIMA. OK, there's nothing that can be done, but we still deserve to know how much radiation we're absorbing as a result. Those sockeye you're enjoying so much grew up in the cesium isotope plume. And they will forever.

      Rod Bleckstyne

      Oct 14, 2014 at 4:26pm

      "FUKUSHIMA. OK, there's nothing that can be done"

      In fact there's lots that can be done only no one especially Japan is doing anything.They could have erected a concrete dome over Fukushima like the Russians did in Chernobyl.They could have filled in the ocean surrounding the Fukushima site to keep radioactive water contained.They could have filled tanker ships with radioactive water and debris and transported it to where it could be stored in deep underground caverns.They could have blasted out a deep cavern underneath the Fukushima reactors and let the whole works fall into it then seal it all off etc.