Scott Walker's birthday message to David Bowie

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      On this day in 1997, David Bowie went on Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC 1 radio show to celebrate his 50th birthday.

      Hobbs surprised the Thin White Duke by playing a taped message from godlike genius Scott Walker, who said, “Like everyone else I’d like to thank you for all the years, especially for your generosity in spirit when it comes to other artists. I’ve been the beneficiary on more than one occasion let me tell you.”

      Walker was referring to Bowie’s recording of the song “Nite Flights” a few years earlier on the album Black Tie White Noise, although Bowie had been championing Walker for years at that point.

      Bowie is clearly choked up by the message. “He’s been my idol since I was a kid,” he says, softly.

      (Watch this space for Bowie's first single in a decade, "Where Are We Now?")