Robert Blake beats Alex Jones, but not by much

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      I laughed this morning when I read Adrian Mack's item about conspiracy theorist and broadcaster Alex Jones.

      Jones recently went a little cuckoo on Piers Morgan's show on CNN.

      I’ve noticed Morgan trying to bring more people from the fringes onto his program, probably to generate ratings.

      That's because he got out of the blocks very slowly after replacing Larry King in the coveted evening spot.

      Not long ago, Morgan invited former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura on to explain why he didn't believe the official story around 9/11.

      (As an aside, I recently read that Ventura is a former biker, but that's another story.) 

      Last night, there was a crackpot sheriff on Morgan's show. The guy wanted everyone in his town to carry a gun.

      But the most entertaining Piers Morgan interview of all time has to be the one with actor Robert Blake.

      In case you've forgotten, Blake's wife Bonnie Lee Bakley was shot to death outside Vitello's restaurant in Studio City.

      Blake maintained that he didn't do it because he was inside the establishment retrieving his handgun.