Nardwuar not an asshole—official

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      I'm a big fan of the Dangerous Minds blog, but I'm not so crazy about the slam on Nardwuar published a couple days ago by correspondent Marc Campbell.

      Posting his interview with Timothy Leary at UBC in 1994, Campbell calls him a "tam wearing asshole" before writing, "Leary displays tremendous cool in the face of Nardwuar’s grating dweebishness."

      Various commentors swarmed the blog to point out the inadvertant irony of Campbell's own antipathy to the Nard. 

      "The assholes are the ones whose self-seriousness gets punctured by Nardwuar's questions and then can't take it and lose their composure," writes one, amidst a flurry of others eager to point out that our all time favourite dweeb might be grating, sure, but he's hardly an asshole

      The poster named "Ian" puts it best: "Nardwuar = Dangerous Mind. The people have spoken."


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      Robert Privett

      Jan 11, 2013 at 2:23pm

      Thanks Adrian for this lil' bite-sized piece of justice. Cheers!