Kids need good movies, too

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      It's virtually impossible to make your kids eat kale.

      Getting them to watch a decent flick instead of the latest 90 minute multiplex toy commercial, on the other hand—that's a lot easier, especially with operators like the Kids Culture Film Series and the Reel to Real youth society here in Vancouver to do the curating for us.

      Continuing its Films for All Ages program, Reel to Real presents another foreign gem this weekend with Ice Dragon.

      Martin Högdahl’s 2012 movie tells the story of 11-year-old Mik, who’s snatched from his deadbeat dad in Stockholm by social services and relocated to—horror!—the countryside.

      Much critically-praised, brain-nutritious action ensues, all while scoring a big fat zero on the product placement index.

      Even better, R2R is holding a free film criticism workshop after the screening, and frankly I’m thinking of sending some of the people I work with.

      Kale chips will not be provided, but nobody’s stopping you from bringing your own.

      Ice Dragon screens at the Vancity Theatre on Sunday (January 13) at 1pm, and you can watch the trailer here. The workshop begins at 3:00.