Photos: Idle No More march and rally in Vancouver on #J11 day of action

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      Under blue skies, the Idle No More movement marched and rallied today (January 11) in Vancouver.

      The march, part of the indigenous-sovereignty movement's #J11 day of action, led from the Native Education College to Vancouver City Hall.

      Here's a look at the protest, which drew hundreds of people, in pictures.



      Calvin Pompana

      Jan 12, 2013 at 11:30pm

      The main issue for First Nations/Harper's Gov' is: They don't want our F.N. to achieve Self Determination/Sufficiency to develop our own Natural Resources/Traditional Land for Economic/Bus' Enterprizes, so our Youth, Women & Men will have Employment/Training for the future instead of Perpetuity of the Indian problem/the Welfare Syndrome. Our First Nations will no longer take this Miscarriage of Justice/Abuse of Power of this Prime Minister's dictatorial tactics to control his PUPPET Gov' , that is threatening to extinguish our Founding Principals/Treaty Rights, who are Sovereigh Nations & True Land/Resource Owners. The Gov' MUST consult with First Nation's before any development takes place on Traditional Lands, the Courts have shown favour to First Nations over 100 times. First Nations Leaders & our People must do "what" it takes to continue share dialogue/information with Canadians, who support our "pledge" to protect our the Mother Earth at ALL COSTS as a child would support their Mother. The Gov' must embark on a "Positive Land/Resource Strategy" that makes First Nations into "Partners" and build a solid working relationships that benefits ALL, to not do so could and will cause severe and long term conseguence to Canada's Economy. Our Dakota Elder Albert Taylor has been saying for many years, we are now "Collecting Rent" on our "Inherent Rights".......Peace......Prayers.....Mi Taku Oyasin....We are all related....

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