Utah business owner pushes political agenda by charging liberal customers more than conservatives

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      A smoothie-bar operator in Utah has come up with an unusual pricing promotion: he charges liberals more for his products than he does his conservative customers.

      Proud conservative George Burnett, owner of the I Love Drilling Smoothie & Juice Bar (nope, you can't make that up), charges $4.95 for a 16 oz. smoothie or juice if you claim to be a conservative. Liberals pay a dollar more.

      "We have a fiscal problem in this country,” Burnett told KSL News. "To kind of help make that point a little bit, I charge [liberals] just a little more."

      Or is your point that conservatives are somehow morally superior and liberals are bad, evil monsters undeserving of reasonably priced beverages?

      Or is it that any idiot will claim to be right-wing to save a dollar on a blended drink?

      Well, it's certainly a way to get something across.