Soundgarden gets badass in Grohl-directed "By Crooked Steps" video

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      As if he's on a mission to prove that there's nothing he can't do, unstoppable force of nature Dave Grohl has turned his attention to directing these days. There's his new documentary, Sound City, of course, but Grohl was also behind the camera for the new video by his fellow grunge survivors in Soundgarden.

      In the clip for "By Crooked Steps" (a song from Soundgarden's comeback album King Animal), the guys in the band show that they haven't lost their edge. They engage in such  jackanapes as forcing a laptop jockey to go "unplugged", commandeering the stage at Paladinos, and booting around town on the most badass wheels ever created, namely the Segway.

      Some bright spark has decided that blogs like this one shouldn't be able to embed the video, however (because heaven forbid someone should watch it here, like it, and then decide to buy the album or something), so you'll have to click here to watch it.
      What I can show you is the trailer for Sound City, which has two upcoming screenings at the Vancity Theatre, one on Thursday (January 31) and the other on February 9. So here it is:

      As for Soundgarden, you can catch those crusty old bastards (I kid!) at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on February 10. And if you don't believe me, here's a listing that proves it. 


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      Steve Newton

      Jan 31, 2013 at 1:31pm

      prepare to pay the scalper, though, 'cause this one's SOLD OUT