Stephen Harper's hockey book coming out just in time for Christmas

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      Will Prime Minister Stephen Harper score a bestseller in November? That's when his long-talked-about book on the history of hockey will be published, it's been announced.

      Simon & Schuster will put out the as-yet-untitled book in the United States and Canada. The book is what the man, who at one time was purportedly too busy to spend a day meeting with First Nations leaders, has been working on in his spare time (when he's not posing for photos with fuzzy cats and pandas). 

      "Canadians from all walks of life enjoy cheering on the great heroes of our national game, but it wasn't always that way," Harper states in a news release from Simon & Schuster. "The early days of professional hockey featured outsized personalities who fought pitched battles to shape the game we know and love today. Writing this book has taught me a lot about hockey and a great deal more about Canada. I hope all who read the book enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the experience of writing it."

      The PM's royalties will go to the Military Families Fund of the Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services. (Perhaps the militaristic Winnipeg Jets logo will be on the cover, as antiwar activist Derrick O’Keefe suggested in an opinion piece.) According to Simon & Schuster, Globe and Mail columnist Roy MacGregor is "providing editorial services" (read: ghost writing) to Harper for the book every Conservative MP will buying their relatives for Christmas.


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      Feb 7, 2013 at 3:23pm

      Remainder shelf by Christmas, guaranteed. $3.99, I figure.