George W. Bush paints his feet

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      There’s something almost poignant about this childlike self-portrait by George W. Bush, which he sent to his sister Dorothy a couple of months ago.

      Along with a whole bunch of very interesting data about America’s most beloved crime family, Dubya's artwork was revealed yesterday at The Smoking Gun courtesy of hacker Guccifer. Six email accounts were apparently compromised by the online vigilante, all belonging to either Bushies or their friends like CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz.

      Included in all the correspondence is some of the back-and-forth that occurred over Christmas when the life of the family patriarch hung in the balance, with Jeb praising his father George H.W. Bush for helping to restore the “sordid reputation” of Bill Clinton.

      But it’s the revelation of Dubya’s artistic aspirations (here’s another bathroom-based painting) that fascinate the most—besides the fact that Dorothy Bush still uses AOL.

      For contrast, here's some non-representational work by Congo, a chimp who was trained to paint by Zoologist Desmond Morris.