News for Youse: Tasered boy let down, viaduct accident, Patrick Brazeau charged, Canucks win again

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      Turpel-Lafond highlights holes in child welfare  The representative for children and youth, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, announced yesterday that the Ministry of Children and Family Development did not protect an aboriginal child's "basic rights to safety, education, health care, socialization, and cultural identity". The boy, who was Tasered by police in April 2011, was subject to abuse and neglect in his birth home and numerous residential placements because of "serious errors" in the child-protection system.

      B.C. loses jobs in January  Statistics Canada has reported that there were 16,000 fewer jobs in this province in January, but the unemployment rate still fell from 6.4 percent to 6.3 percent because fewer people were in the labour force.

      Accident on Georgia Viaduct  Police believe speed was a factor when an eastbound car crashed on the Georgia Viaduct before 3 a.m., kiling one man and causing serious and life-threatening injuries to three others men.

      Israeli condemns Israel  In front of a capacity crowd at the Vancouver Public Library's Alice MacKay Room, Miko Peled—the son of a former Israeli general—called for the replacement of the Jewish state with a secular democracy offering equal rights to Jews, Israeli Arabs, and Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank. 

      Expensive hearing aids  A CBC News investigation has determined that B.C. has among the highest prices in Canada for hearing aids, primarily because the B.C. government offers no help to purchasers.

      Senator charged  The youngest Canadian senator, Patrick Brazeau, has been ejected from the Conservative caucus and charged with assault and sexual assault. He's best known for losing a charitable boxing match last year to Justin Trudeau.

      Fugitive ex-cop sought  California police still haven't found Christopher Donner, a former Los Angeles cop and military veteran, who has gone on a shooting spree against other officers.

      Man convicted for "goading" self-immolation  The Xinhua news agency has reported that a man has been convicted of intentional homicide and sentenced to 13 years in jail for allegedly urging a Tibetan monk to set himself on fire. The monk didn't burn himself.

      Canucks defeat Wild  With Cory Schneider in goal, Vancouver beat Minnesota 4-1 last night, thanks in part to a goal and an assist by Mason Raymond.

      Men and women disagree about Valentine's Day  An Ipsos Reid poll has revealed that 38 percent of men and 67 percent of women believe that everyone should celebrate Valentine's Day.


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      William Gibbens

      Feb 8, 2013 at 10:37am

      Setting aside the 400 dead children-in-government-care-cases left mouldering in a cardboard box in a BC government storage warehouse (which led to her comission so long ago). I believe that Ms. Turpel Lafond intimated after the tasering of this boy that there were hundreds of children in BC Government care subjected to use of police force for such things as "refusing to got to bed" when ordered. I do believe that Ms. Turpell Lafonde promised the public a report. Long after this promise I went to hear the commissioner speak (and she told us all about beautiful BC and her own family). But given questions that evening I was able to ask her about the extensive, sytemic use of police force in BC against children and asked when she would deliver the report.

      In my opinion the Commissioner did not speak adequately to either of my concerns that night at UBC and this "Report", as shocking as it is, appears to me to be more a smokescreen for all the others because we don't even know if those other children are dead or alive and home many their concerned "Family" members don't even have the rights to know? Happy "Family Day" weekend in Beautiful BC.