Beach House gives a nod to Pink Floyd in "Forever Still"

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      Got 27 minutes to kill? If you're a Beach House fan, you might like to spend it watching the band's short film, "Forever Still", which finds it playing outdoors in locations around Tornillo, Texas. Beach House says "Forever Still" was directly inspired by Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii: "We wanted to perform in a non-typical setting without losing the spirit of our music. We felt the songs would resonate in a more majestic and spiritual landscape. The experience was an intense three nights of filming.... The basic concept is four songs performed from sunset to sunrise. We tried to keep the edits minimal with long takes in order to focus on the energy of the songs, the landscape, and the physicality of live performance."

      And, for those of you who really have nothing better to do this afternoon, here's Live at Pompeii in its entirety. Careful with that axe, Eugene!


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      Feb 8, 2013 at 12:38pm

      That guitar Dave Gilmour is holding in the pic. above was built in Vancouver at Bill Lewis Music in the early 70s and was used for some of the recording of Dark Side of the Moon.