What the 2013 B.C. throne speech says about postsecondary education

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      University students and graduates hoping (dreaming?) for pre-election pledges of tuition reductions and help with student loan debt won't find any comfort in the B.C. Liberal government's 2013 throne speech.

      The throne speech, delivered today (February 12) in Victoria, makes two vague promises on post-secondary education:

      1. "In the coming days, your government will introduce...measures to help families of young children save for post-secondary education."

      2. "In the months ahead, your government will begin work to create the environment for a school of traditional Chinese medicine at a British Columbian post-secondary institution."

      You can read the rest of the throne speech here.


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      Feb 12, 2013 at 8:22pm

      Traditional Chinese Medicine? Like hunting endangered rhino for their horns with no curative properties? Torturing black bears for their bile while still alive?

      Maybe the government should pay for ACTUAL medicine, rather than this middle-aged quackery.


      Feb 15, 2013 at 5:20am

      May be an idea of some china citizen looking for residency as throughout the world they are investing in most of the countries and sending their nationals in lots as by providing grants or investments they will be able to serve their purpose in immigration as in India numbers of persons have side effects on taking these medicine