Marshall Crenshaw recalls hanging out with Dennis Dunaway at Ian Hunter's house

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      Last Wednesday I got the chance to cross American pop-rock singer-songwriter Marshall Crenshaw's name off my bucket list of interviews I've wanted to do.

      On his way to L.A. from New York City the guy who wrote "Someday, Someway" and "Something's Gonna Happen" pulled over to the side of the road "in Pennsylania somewhere" and called me up for a nice 25-minute chat in advance of his show at the Vancouver Fan Club on February 28.

      How cool is that?

      One of the most interesting parts of the conversation--for me, anyway--came when I asked if he'd ever run into my rock idol from the '70s, former Mott the Hoople leader Ian Hunter, in his travels. I read in Crenshaw's current bio that on his latest EP he'd worked with longtime Hunter guitarist-cowriter Andy York, and knowing that Hunter lived not far from the Big Apple, in Connecticut, threw the question out there.

      "I've met Ian through Andy, actually," replied Crenshaw, "and been over to some functions at Ian's house where he and his wife Trudy kind of invite people over. They're great hosts, really cool people. Ian's... you know, I'm really glad to know him. He's really sharp; a smart guy. He's seen a lot of the world, seen a lot of life. I like being around people like him.

      "The other thing," Crenshaw added, "was when I was at Ian's house once I met Dennis Dunaway from Alice Cooper, so I was able to tell him how much I loved that band. You really can't beat some of that stuff, like 'No More Mr. Nice Guy'."

      Holy crap! Hanging out with the guy who played bass on "School's Out" at a house owned by the guy who sang "All the Way From Memphis". Talk about '70s-rock overload!

      Anyway, for those who weren't around in the '70s, don't care about stuff like that, and want to hear new music, here's a clip of Crenshaw's latest single, "I Don't See You Laughing Now." I think it's killer:

      For more from Crenshaw about his new music--and touring with the Bottle Rockets and Dave Alvin--see the story in this week's issue of the Georgia Straight. Read it on paper for that old-school Dennis Dunaway vibe.

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