Clive Davis sets the record straight on his bisexuality

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      Bisexuality does not equal promiscuity.

      Nor is it synonymous with cheating, lying, fence-sitting, or being noncommittal to or indecisive about one sexuality.

      It's none of these things any more than any other sexuality is.

      Unfortunately, bisexuality remains one of the misunderstood, misrepresented, and misperceived sexual orientations by both straight and gay communities. (We hear a lot about homophobia, and are starting to hear more about transphobia, but biphobia still remains relatively unknown.) That's partly due to the fact that some people, as they are exploring their sexual orientation, identify as bisexual for a period of time before identifying as something else.

      In the gay community, for instance, some gay people may fear that a person who identifies as bisexual is too afraid to admit being gay.

      But bisexuality does not mean being open about being attracted to the opposite sex while being secretive and ashamed about being attracted to the same sex. That's being closeted. 

      And cheating is cheating, whether you're straight, gay, bisexual, or pansexual.

      Something that may help to contribute some clarity to any confusion is music mogul Clive Davis' coming out as bisexual. The 80-year-old Sony Music chief creative officer wrote about his love life and sexuality in the final chapter of his memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, which hits stores today.

      In this interview on Katie Kouric's talk show Katie, Davis clarifies what bisexuality is. He explained that he has been in monogamous relationships with both women and men.

      Davis also spoke openly about bisexuality in this interview with ABC News' Cynthia McFadden on Nightline. He says that he never felt shame about having sex with men and calls bisexuality as "maligned and misunderstood".

      Hopefully Davis' revelation and honesty will help to inspire others to come out, and to continue helping to set the record straight on what bisexuality is.