Video: Black History Month for White People

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      Here's something that will rankle the rednecks: a white guy explaining why other white people should stop bellyaching about Black History Month.

      "From one white person to another," the narrator on the Mod Primate channel says, "you have a responsibility to acknowledge that your whiteness places you at an advantage, even if you were born poor. It can be hard to recognize systemic oppression when you're on the side that benefits from it."

      As a white guy who's over six feet with bass-y undertones in my voice—just like the narrator—I can relate to what he says about searching for work. Some of us white guys don't even have to look. That's because jobs are sometimes granted by other white guys in the absence of any competition.

      If you know any recipients of these hand-delivered jobs who have a problem with the concept of white privilege, pass along the link to this video. It will no doubt enrage them.

      If you really want to piss them off, include links to Debra Leigh's 28 Common Racist Behaviors and Peggy McIntosh's White Privilege Checklist.