Bison B.C. freed from Metal Blade

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      On balance, getting dropped by your record label can be a bit of a doucher. Not always, of course, and apparently not for Bison B.C., Vancouver's premier apocalyptic metallists, whose third album for the California label, Lovelessness, appeared last year.

      A message appearing on Bison B.C.'s Facebook wall today (likely written by guitarist-vocalist James Farwell according to the Straight's resident Bisonologist) reads:

      "This just in - We have just received our 'drop letter' from Metal Blade. If you didn't know, we were on Metal Blade. The last 7 years has been a strange and crazy adventure toiling and crawling through the music industry. We met some great people as well as some awful people and loved every minute. Now it's time to get back to why we truly do this, and to officially be free and answer to no person, company, magazine article, chart, or poser douche bags. Raise a glass to a new beginning! Thanks to everyone at Metal Blade for trying to help us polish this turd. Peace."

      The Straight would like to congratulate Farwell and his cohorts on their newfound official freedom. Nobody likes or needs to answer to no person, company, chart, poser douche bag or magazine arti—HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!



      A. MacInnis

      Feb 24, 2013 at 10:07am

      Well, they were MY favourite band on Metal Blade. Ah, well.