Fukushima disaster foreshadowed in animated music video

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      Does the video above remind you of a nuclear accident?

      That's what some say about Ryo Hirano's animated science-fiction film for the Japanese song "Heitsuki Bushi".

      Created in 2011, it includes an exploding industrial facility and a green slimy man who comes out of a pool of water.

      According to Buzzfeed staffer Kevin Tang, the video was screened in Tokyo the night before a massive earthquake in northeast Japan, which destroyed the Fukushima power plant.

      Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the disaster.

      In other Fukushima-related news, Vancouver environmentalist David Suzuki is quoted in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, claiming that Japan has so far squandered an opportunity to create more renewable energy after the nuclear meltdown.

      “Fukushima gives the opening that if they really want to get off nukes, then they really have to go and do something else,” Suzuki told the Australian paper