UPDATE: Van Halen aren't touring Europe at all, actually

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      Predictably, the rest of Van Halen have now heard about David Lee Roth's touring predictions and manager Irving Azoff is denying the whole thing.

      Roth was making grand announcements on the radio Monday (March 11) about the band playing oh, “50, 60 shows” in Europe by the end of the year—big talk for a guy whose tour all but fell apart last year due to "overscheduling".

      "Nothing's been discussed yet," Azoff told Rolling Stone. "Why would he say this? Hey, Dave's a talkative guy. Why don't you call and ask him?"

      They’re scheduled for a couple of festival shows with Billy Joel in Australia in April, three June dates in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, where Roth currently lives, and one show at the Rock USA festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

      Any more shows? A tour? "Not unless something special comes up," Azoff told Rolling Stone. "It certainly won't be a tour of Europe."