Game of Thrones prequel a possibility, says George R.R. Martin

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      Given author George R.R. Martin's notoriously glacial writing speed, Game of Thrones fans might be forgiven for wondering what HBO will do when it runs out of material.

      Fortunately, in a recent interview with IGN, Martin opened up about the possibility of a prequel series. 

      Martin said that "we have been playing with the idea of doing those [Dunk and Egg novellas] as prequels. They would be prequels, in a sense, they’re a hundred years earlier but in the same world. They’re somewhat lighter in tone than the main series, a little more adventurous. But my fans love them and I love the two characters too, and it all ties into Westeros history. So maybe that will be what we’ll do."

      Or you could just write faster. But I think Paul and Storm said it best.