Not even chicken nuggets are safe from horse meat scandal

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      It’s been two months since horse DNA was found in frozen beef burger patties sold in U.K. grocery stores, and still the horse meat scandal gallops along.

      Varying percentages of horse meat have been found in everything from lasagnas, hot-dogs, beef tacos, and even beloved Ikea meatballs across Europe. Now, it appears that chicken nuggets aren’t all what they seem, either.

      According to the U.K.’s Meat Trades Journal, chicken nuggets have been recalled and pulled from supermarket shelves in Greece after traces of horse DNA were found. The Hellenic Food Authority found that chicken nuggets produced by T&T Foods contained a minimum of 10 percent horse meat. In addition to chicken nuggets, horse meat was also found in frozen soutsouki (a spicy Greek sausage) and frozen meat burgers.

      The Hellenic Food Authority stated that the chicken nuggets and all horse meat-contaminated items will be tested for phenylbutazone, a veterinary drug sometimes used on horses that is not safe for human consumption.