3:01 Pick Me Up: Madonna Holiday

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      Let’s face it: 3 p.m. is the cruelest time of the workday. The morning latte has worn off, and the post-lunch crash has you staggering around like an extra from a George A. Romero flick. That’s why, each weekday at 3:01 p.m., we present you with a video hand-picked to kick-start your heart.

      Only in bizarro Madonna-land is it cool to send a "let's hang" message written in crooked, barely legible handwriting to a political head of state, signing it, ironically, with "great respect". 

      Who would have thought that one day this young, winsome sprite would be invloved in a passive aggressive bitch-fest with the president of Malawi? Although if you listen to what the people who knew Madge as Ms. Ciccone have to say about the Material Girl when she was younger, I guess it's not really that surprising after all.