Willie Nelson makes a gold-quality pitch for the role of Gandalf

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      The list of music stars who’ve made a successful transition into the world of film isn’t exactly a 10-mile long one. Sadly, for every, um, Ice Cube and, err, Ice Cube, there are dozens of folks who never should have dropped the mike for a shot at Hollywood. We’re looking at you Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Joan Jett, Gene Simmons, that guy who sings the “Moves Like Jagger” song.

      Every now and then, though, along comes a guy who has a God-given talent for acting. Like, for example, Ice Cube. And, how could we forget, Willie Nelson?

      Our favourite dope-smoking Red Headed Stranger is no stranger to the Silver Screen, having popped in such past flicks as The Dukes of Hazzard (2005), Honeysuckle Rose (1980), and The Electric Horseman (1979).

      Lately though, old Willie has been busier celebrating his 79th birthday and smoking half of America’s most lucrative cash crop than he has been sitting in a trailer memorizing movie scripts. These days, his acting gigs seem to be limited to “Farmer Bob” in Surfer, Dude, and “Wedding Band Member” in Get a Job.

      Considering such roles aren’t likely to land anyone an Academy Award nomination, no wonder Nelson is now actively throwing his name out there for plum big-screen assignments.

      Watch below as he lobbies director Peter Jackson for the role of Gandalf in the The Hobbit 2. Based on the way Nelson delivers such lines as “Thou shalt not pass—an unlit joint” and “That giant flaming eye is just freaking me fucking out”, all we have to say is “Ian McKellen who?”