First topless Femen protest in Canada targets Tunisian politician

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      (Warning: story about topless protesters contains images of topless protesters.)

      Moments after I wrote a blog post about a Femen demonstration in Germany, the group held its first topless action in Canada.

      Xenia Chernyshova is reportedly the woman in the video above.

      As former Tunisian prime minister Jamadi Djebali was speaking in Montreal, she stormed onto the stage and ripped off her top.

      The slogan "Femen everywhere" was written across Chernyshova's chest as she screamed at Djebali.

      She demanded that the Tunisian, who's secretary general of an Islamist party called Ennahda, free Femen protester Amina Tyler, who is being held in Tunisia.

      In the past, Djebali has called for the creation of the sixth caliphate, which was widely seen as an endorsement of Sharia law.

      This has set him apart from other party leaders who've tried to present a more moderate face to the world. 

      Femen is an antipatriarchal and anticlerical feminist group that was created in Ukraine in 2010.

      Members decided to go topless to generate more media coverage for the issues that concern them.




      Jun 5, 2013 at 7:38am

      So she is a feminist and she is using her body as a way of drawing attention? isn't that against feminism :p

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      Jun 6, 2013 at 1:44pm

      @ Murad. I think the point is she can use her body as she wishes, when she wishes.

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