Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo features voice of Mario

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      The crowds of mostly young males were lined up in downtown New Westminster today for the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo.

      They all wanted to get into the Columbia Theatre, which has been refurbished by New Westminster lawyer Michael Hwang and Lafflines Comedy Club owner Barry Buckland.

      Inside, patrons clustered around some very old looking computers playing vintage games dating back to the 1980s.

      One of the attractions was Charles Martinet, a California actor who provided the voice for Mario in the Nintendo games.

      He took to the stage in the second-floor lounge and provided a bunch of young gamers with a demonstration of how he used his vocal cords to create Mario's trademark sound.

      Charles Martinet stretches his vocal cords.


      Michael Hwang and Barry Buckland were on-site for the event.
      Charlie Smith