Man-candy Mayor Gregor Robertson gets with the gays as Pride party DJ

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      Vision Vancouver is feeling loud and proud. And they're not afraid to show it.

      Yes, Mayor Moonbeam Man-candy Gregor Robertson, and his team are going to celebrate Pride. And as if that wasn't cool enough, Robertson is going to be showing off his (no, not that) turntable dexterity.

      It's a smart move since he's particularly popular with the boys.

      In the Georgia Straight's Sex Survey, he was voted the third most desirable politician that men would like to have sex with in 2013.

      He was second amongst bisexual males. Amongst gay men, he was second only to Justin Trudeau, who knocked him off the top spot he had in 2012. He also came out on top for gay men (heh, see what I did there? Me neither) in 2009.

      Entertainer extraordinaire Joan-E will host the Vision: Proud shindig at Vancouver FanClub (1050 Granville Street) on July 15 (7 to 10 p.m.)

      There'll be cocktails and canapés. And of course, DJ Robertson will deliver beats that'll bring all the boys to the yard. (And yes, he has to charge: tickets are $30.)

      And if you didn't realize that club kid Robertson was a DJ, he made his debut way back in November 2011 at the Biltmore.

      Hate it to break it to you, dudes, but he's straight. Of course, that doesn't mean a boy can't dream.

      And hey, at least we have it better than TatooineToronto.




      Jun 28, 2013 at 5:15pm

      What a difference between Toronto and Vancouver. Good for Gregor!

      A. MacInnis

      Jun 28, 2013 at 10:18pm

      Thank you, Craig, for inviting readers to contemplate Rob Ford as a prospective sexual partner. If I thought I was horrified by him *before*...


      Jun 29, 2013 at 12:32pm

      Even as a hetero male Robertson is handsome. It'd piss me off if he also has a 6-pack for abs.

      Even as a hetero male the pic of Rob Ford induces vomiting.


      Jun 29, 2013 at 2:35pm

      I try not to judge people and especially politicians by their looks, but...ah ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Oh man. What are the benefits of bike riding, eh?

      Craig Robinson

      Nov 28, 2014 at 3:57pm

      Don't knock having sex with fat boys. I have always found that there is more cushin' to the pushin'.