AIDS Vancouver's 30 30 Campaign: When love and compassion know no bounds

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      AIDS Vancouver's 30 30 Campaign continues on, with a new video released every day in July.

      The video series tells the history of the AIDS and HIV movement in Vancouver by looking back at just some of the innumerable stories that exist.

      The simply titled "A Love Story" tells the poignant tale of a not-so-simple romance between a woman (BC Civil Liberties lawyer Micheal Vonn) and a drag performer (Billy Gene Queen).

      There are some amazing details that skeptics might call serendipity but others might call something far more magical.

      In one of the latest videos, "Our Volunteers", May McQueen tells her moving story in an understated way.

      From leaving her alcoholic husband with her children to taking AIDS Vancouver core training where she grew close to others (and, hilariously, learned what gerbilling is) to being a buddy to a gay man for 14 years and letting dying AIDS patients know that they are not alone, she traveled quite the brave and compassionate journey.

      Her humility may make it easy to overlook the fact that she is a hero in many ways.

      Numerous other videos are available at the campaign website.

      Videos will continue to be released up until the 30th anniversary celebration at the Commodore Ballroom on July 31, hosted by CBC's Fred Lee and Outlook's Barb Snelgrove.



      Valerie Nicholson

      Jul 8, 2013 at 7:05pm

      May has changed so many lives We love you May !!!!