Justin Bieber pees in restaurant kitchen, pisses off Anthony Bourdain

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      Justin Bieber just can't seem to help himself. Apparently the pride of Stratford, Ontario, is incapable of stopping himself from acting like a flaming twat at all times. Perhaps we should pity the poor kid. TMZ certainly doesn't. The celebrity-gossip site started off a blog post today by stating "Justin Bieber is an oblivious, self-important little twit..."

      What did Bieber do to earn that characterization? Well, just watch:

      The video apparently dates from earlier this year, and was taken as a group of young men, reported by TMZ to be Bieber and his "Wild Kidz", was exiting a New York City nightclub through the back door and taking a shortcut through a restaurant kitchen. Nature called, and, instead of finding a more appropriate receptacle for his liquid waste, Bieber opted to urinate in a janitor's bucket. Then, spotting a photo of a former U.S. president on the wall, he grabbed a bottle of spray cleaner and squirted it, uttering the words "Fuck Bill Clinton!" Stay classy, Biebz! The only way you could have made yourself look worse would have been to spray the cleaner into the bucket and piss on the Clinton photo.

      After viewing the footage, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain took to Twitter to express his outrage. "The chef should have put his foot up this young punk’s ass," Bourdain tweeted, following that up with "My dishwasher ain’t cleaning that up, squirrel balls!"

      Also: "Looking forward to seeing him open for Menudo at the State Fair— in about ten years."

      And: "In a preemptive strike, I plan to tell my daughter that Justin Beiber tortures puppies."

      You don't piss Anthony Bourdain off, folks.

      Bieber has yet to comment on the video.




      Jul 10, 2013 at 1:49pm

      Money doesn't buy class!!

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      Jul 10, 2013 at 5:15pm

      Because when I am a super hero I can do whatever my handsome drunk pony self feels like. Rules and revelations according to Justin Bieber‘s higher consciousness.

      Because Biebs is finally the (bixch) hero he always wanted to be..

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      Bistro Man

      Jul 17, 2013 at 4:46pm

      What a useless piece of trash. Pee-Pee boy may want to learn to act like a human when in public.

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