Black Sabbath 13 deluxe boxed set a sweet treat for '70s hard-rock freaks

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      If you're a fan of loud music who lives in Vancouver, you've no doubt heard that Black Sabbath is coming to town.

      You've already scored tix to the metal legends' Aug. 22 show at Rogers Arena, and squirreled away a big honkin' case of lemon gin for the occasion. Party-animal opener Andrew W.K. would approve.

      But maybe you haven't yet gotten around to scoring a copy of Sabbath's new Rick Rubin-produced album, 13, even though it's been selling like potcakes all over the world.

      If you're a hardcore Sabbath freak from the '70s who joyfully snapped up all their LPs the second they appeared in the A&B Sound stacks at the amazing price of $3.99!, you might want to set your sights on the deluxe boxed-set version of 13, which includes a double-disc 180-gram vinyl version of the album.

      It'll cost ya more than $3.99, natch, but it does includes a documentary DVD, photographic prints with hand-written lyrics on the back, a limited-edition art print, and a two-CD version of the album.

      The CD features that cool holographic "13" logo in flames, but more importantly includes the bonus tracks "Methademic", "Peace of Mind", and "Pariah", which--in case you haven't heard--are the best tunes on the album!

      All in all, the 13 deluxe boxed set is a pretty sweet companion piece to that Black Box set from 2004.

      But hey, we understand if you haven't got the cash handy for such a purchase. Times are tough. So here's a video of some lucky sod unboxing his own copy.




      Jul 18, 2013 at 12:20am

      !3 is a great album but Ozzy should stop making a laughing stock of himself and quit touring because he can't sing live worth a shit ...

      His idols - the Beatles - stopped touring back in 1966 when they were in their prime, by the way ...