AIDS Vancouver's 30 30 Campaign: An Asian Canadian perspective

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      AIDS Vancouver's 30 30 Campaign continues to release one video each day (during the month of July) about the history of AIDS and HIV in Vancouver.

      In one of the latest videos, we get a glimpse of what the history of Vancouver's AIDS movement and the gay community was like from an Asian Canadian perspective.

      Former AIDS Vancouver board member and chair Ed Lee talks about his life experiences growing up as a Chinese Canadian born in Canada.

      He talks about his coming to terms with his gay identity, exploring and finding his place in the Asian Canadian gay scene, and meeting his partner.

      When he mentions that he lived on the periphery of the gay community until the HIV and AIDS crisis hit, he becomes emotional when he talks about the deaths he witnessed.

      His story also illuminates the development of various Asian queer organizations, such as Gay Asians Vancouver Area, Asian-Support AIDS Project, and the Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS.

      Lee's story provides a not-often-seen historical retrospective of Canada's Asian Canadian queer communities.

      His video is available here.

      To explore the numerous other stories available, visit the 30 30 Campaign website.