Queers & Beers makes room for LGBT craft brew fans

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      With craft beer all the rage, it's time to make more space for queers to enjoy beers.

      That's where Queers & Beers comes in. This monthly meetup Facebook group is getting LGBT people out and about exploring the exploding craft-brewing scene in Vancouver. Each month, the organizers pick a different brewery to check out.

      This is also an option to check out if you're tired of online dating and hookup sites (and the headaches that come with it) or are looking for different ways to socialize with and meet more LGBT people. It's encourages more interaction than the nightclub scene and offers a social alternative to the numerous sports or activist LGBT groups in the city.

      The previous event was at Bomber Brewing and the next event is at 33 Acres Brewing Company (15 West 8th Avenue) on March 11 at 6 p.m.

      The brewery also now has a gluten-free hazy pale cider, which blends three styles of apples. This'll be the first Queers & Beers event with a cider and gluten-free option.

      By the way, all orientations and genders are welcome. So yes, that includes straight people!



      Paul D

      Mar 6, 2015 at 4:35pm

      I find the headline on this article to be misleading. The craft beer business, in the decade-plus I've been part of it, has always been open and welcoming of LGBT folks. Saying that there needs to be more "room" for LGBT craft beer implies that there isn't room now, which is false.

      The article itself is clear that this is more of a social club than an activist effort.

      Lazy and misleading copy writing, I'd say.