Squamish Valley Music Festival Band of the Day: Basketball

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      Like Christmas when it gets to be the end of November, and Easter when the trees start to sprout leaves after a long winter, it’s starting to feel like it’s almost here. Just so there’s no confusion, we’re not talking the night when the fat bearded guy stuffs himself down the chimney or when a white rabbit breaks into the house to strew chocolate offspring and rainbow coloured eggs everywhere.

      No, we’re talking about the Squamish Valley Music Festival, taking place August 8-10 at the Logger Sports Grounds and Hendrickson Fields. In anticipation of the big day, we’re spending the next few weeks rounding up local artists who’ll be playing this year’s event, and getting them to answer some important questions.

      Like who they’ll be cueing up on the iPod for the Sea to Sky drive to the site, what they’ll be making sure to pack to make it through their set, the all-time dream festival lineup, and who they plan to stalk backstage. And that’s just the start of our probing. Read on, but not before you pick up your Squamish Valley Music Festival ticket. The last thing you want to miss is today’s featured local artist....

      Way back in 2008, the Straight described Basketball as “tom-tom beating, trance-inducing, Croatian-vocalizing art-weirdos,” and since nobody’s topped that description yet, we’ll use it again. Here’s singer Tome Jozic sounding off on all Squamish-related matters of import. 

      Sea to Sky Playlist:

      • SILENCE
      • Some Bill Hicks
      • More silence

      Outdoor essentials:


      We'd Love to Hang With:

      Dave Grohl, but I guess he isn't coming so I'm hoping we get to hang out with Jarrod O'Dell.

      First Festival Experience:

      2008 Sled Island.

      As Stellar As This Year’s Squamish Bill is, What’s Your Fantasy Fest Line-up?

      • Nass El Ghiwane
      • Edip Akbayram
      • Aby Ngana Diop
      • Moğollar
      • Lionel Rogers, crazy folk artist from the ‘60s, “Oh Baby o' Mine”. (The Georgia Straight fact-checking department has flagged this last one…)

      What's Your Official Rider Request?

      Winona Ryder be present.

      Trivia time: What’s Squamish’s official slogan?

      Probably a Bloods or Crips sign? "SQUAMPTON!"

      Basketball plays the Squamish Valley Music Festival’s Market Square stage on Friday (August 9) at 11 p.m.