Squamish Valley Music Festival Band of the Day: The Belle Game

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      A glowing midsummer dusk will meet textured nocturnal pop when the Belle Game play the opening night of the Squamish Valley Music Festival next week. But first, vocalist Andrea Lo has a few festival related matters to get off her chest.

      Sea to Sky Playlist:

      All nine tracks of Caribou's Swim will be playing on my way up to Squamish, and then in addition to that, probably "Beginner's Falafel" by Flying Lotus.

      Outdoor Essentials:

      Salt water to keep hydrated.

      I Would Love to Hang With:

      Josh Homme. We could talk about what it's like to be Josh Homme, and then about that episode of No Reservations that he was on, what Anthony Bourdain is like, and then back to what it's like to be Josh Homme.

      First Festival Experience:

      Squamish 2011... Rivers of Weezer being cradled and gently rolled back onto the stage by a massive security buff out of the calamity that was the crowd. And then, following that, being absolutely impressed by the crew's tactic of getting the entire crowd to load out of the main area (all they did was crank up the smooth jazz). Pure amazement.

      As stellar as this year’s Squamish bill is, what’s your Fantasy Fest line-up?

      Flying Lotus
      Little Dragon
      Twin Shadow

      What’s your official rider reques?

      10lbs of cornbread from Aux Vivres in Montreal and a basketball court.

      Trivia time: What’s Squamish’s official slogan?

      Squamish Valley Music Festival... The good kind of tinnitus.

      The  Squamish Valley Music Festival takes place at Hendrickson Fields & Logger Sports Ground. Quick—what’s your favourite logger sport?

      Wood chopping...  nothing hotter than someone who can build me a FIRE (or at least give me the means to...)

      The Belle Game plays the Squamish Valley Music Festival's Garibaldi Stage on Thursday (August 8) at 7:40 p.m.