East Van Garbage Watch 2013: Guelph Park

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      East Vancouver smells like shit.

      Between West Coast Reduction's rendering plant on North Commercial, the vomit and urine streaking the sidewalks and alleyways after special events, and the epic piles of garbage, it's hard to argue that the east side of town smells like anything other than rancid death.

      To wit, I present the 2013 East Van Garbage Watch (patent pending): a semi-regular series of photos of disgustingness.

      Exhibit C: An overflowing garbage can in Guelph Park aka Dude Chilling Park. 

      This particular can, located directly across from the new art exchange by the park's community garden, hasn't been emptied for, well, let's say a while.

      Methinks there's a little more than park litter in there.
      Miranda Nelson

      It's rather hard to enjoy sitting under a shady tree while your nostrils are being assaulted by this can's particularly fragrant brand of sun-baked garbage, rotting milk, and dog crap.

      No overflowing trash can is complete without a baggie of dog shit perch on top.
      Miranda Nelson

      The weirdest part? None of the other garbage cans in the park are this disgusting. What gives?

      Fortunately the art exchange is looking gorgeous.
      Miranda Nelson

      Thanks to Cheryl Cheeks for the tip!

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