TV series Emergency reveals life inside B.C. emergency rooms

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      If the thought of watching the inner workings of a hospital without the likes of George Clooney or Patrick Demsey doesn't appeal to you, alas, this series isn’t for you.

      But for those viewers who want to see what it's really like in real-life emergency departments, read on.

      The new documentary series Emergency will offer an inside look at the drama—and humour—that takes place in two of B.C.'s busiest hospitals.

      Vancouver's Force Four brings us this 14-episode series, narrated by singer-songwriter Jann Arden, which will focus on the stories of three patients in each episode.

      Footage will capture 24 hours of life (and death) in the ER, as medical staff race against time to try to determine what is causing various conditions or problems, ranging from mysterious stomach pains to an inexplicable heart-rate acceleration.

      The fates of patients hang in the balance, as they face possible consequences such as not being able to provide for their families, potential amputation, or even death.

      The series premieres on April 16 at 11 p.m. on Slice.