Which B.C. political journalist do you hate the most?

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      Over the past 18 hours, I've come under fire on Twitter for an article highlighting NDP activist Marcella Munro's lobbying activities.

      It's yet another reminder that political journalists rarely win popularity contests.

      Over the years, I've heard grumbling at different times about many scribes who cover politics in this province.

      For fun, I've decided to ask you, the readers, which B.C. political journalist bothers you the most.

      Call it an exercise in consumer awareness.

      I didn't include Justine Hunter or Jonathan Fowlie on the list because I have a sneaking suspicion that they wouldn't attract nearly as many votes as the others.

      I also kept the civic-affairs reporters, such as Frances Bula and Mike Howell, off this survey.

      Depending on how popular this one is, I might put up another one dealing with municipal politics.

      (Yolande Cole, you've been forewarned!)

      To be fair, I've included myself on the list below for any lobbyists or their friends who might be interested in making a point.



      Stephen Rees

      Sep 15, 2013 at 12:50pm

      I do not hate any political journalist. There are plenty I disagree with, whose opinions I find distasteful or who seem to be in the pay of the rich and powerful. But mostly I accept that there needs to be a range of opinions on any topic. Facts are - of course - sacred - but it is usually which facts get chosen and how they are represented. When truth is deliberately distorted, or opinions ignore facts, then what is happening is no longer journalism. It is propaganda - or to use its more modern name - marketing.


      Sep 15, 2013 at 12:51pm

      Bill Tieleman here from 24 Hours Vancouver and The Tyee online - I feel slighted to be left off this list but encourage my detractors to make me a runaway winning write-in candidate! For reasons why, see my blog: http://billtieleman.blogspot.ca ;-)


      Sep 15, 2013 at 1:00pm

      Maybe he isn't political and is just a cranky entitled old man, but a million votes for The Province's Jon Ferry, the bike-hating rape chant defender.

      James G

      Sep 15, 2013 at 1:11pm

      One of those times when a preferential ballot is needed.

      Charlie Smith

      Sep 15, 2013 at 1:45pm

      My heartfelt apology to Bill Tieleman for not including him on the list. There were only so many slots available in the poll. In retrospect, he should be in and Ed Watson should be out. Nobody hates Ed.

      Doug S

      Sep 15, 2013 at 2:44pm

      Mason: has a love in for the libs and Christy before the election. Now he is dismayed by the lack of days sat in the ledge.

      Jon Ferry hearts Lucifer 4ever!

      Sep 15, 2013 at 2:48pm

      Insofar as his columns on topics like global warming (denier of course), cycling (hates us), urban planning (thinks anyone who lives within 2 miles of downtown is a trendoid/hipster), unions (= evil, socialist conspiracy) and critical thinking (all academics are elitist snobs), Jon Ferry's Province columns are more or less political, or socio-political anyway.

      I'd like to double-down on Gregeh's million votes and add eleventy-infinity votes on top of that!


      Sep 15, 2013 at 3:24pm

      Charlie I think a lot of your votes are coming from Baldrey's followers on Twitter who said you are promoting hate with this poll. I don't hate Baldrey, just can't stand his arrogance.

      Charlie Smith

      Sep 15, 2013 at 3:44pm

      Hi Brian,

      That doesn't bother me in the slightest. Baldreydash, I say!

      Charlie Smith

      Charlie Smith

      Sep 15, 2013 at 5:23pm

      My growing lead in the poll is reminiscent of the time two B.C. Liberal premiers had an amazing turnaround in our online poll of the worst premier in a generation.


      I don't think I'm well-enough known to be that hated -- and how else do you account for about 50 of the last 52 votes going to me when the votes were more randomly distributed before. I smell a rat. Or should I say I smell some trolls?

      Charlie Smith